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September 15, 2010

Karl Rove Goes All In On Christine O’Donnell Slam

Karl Rove, who created a firestorm with his anti-Christine O’Donnell comments on last night’s Hannity shortly after she beat RINO Mike Castle, expanded on and deepened his criticism of the Republican Senatorial nominee from Delaware.

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Republicans Reverse Course, Will Fund O’Donnell

Reversing course from a statement issued last night after Christine O’Donnell’s stunning win against RINO Mike Castle, the National Republican Senatorial Committee has announced that they will donate to O’Donnell’s campaign.

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Tea Party backed conservative candidate Christine O’Donnell has pulled off an improbable win against RINO Mike Castle in Delaware’s Republican Senatorial primary, beating the reliably liberal so-called Republican by a 53%-47% margin.

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January 25, 2010

Beau Biden Retires From Senate Before Being Elected

If the recent spate of Congressional Democrat retirements and defections to avoid defeat in the fall are a bad sign for the “Party of Government Grow,” things must be really bad when they start retiring before they’re even elected.  That’s what Beau Biden, son of Vice President Slow Joe, did this morning.

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