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November 25, 2008

After the Pittsburgh City Council passed one of those bizarre “must report your lost-or-stolen-gun” laws by a lopsided 6-1 vote, Councilwoman Tonya Payne took to the microphones to remind those of us who respect the founding documents of our state and federal governments exactly what we’re up against.

“Who really cares about it being unconstitutional?” said Councilwoman Tonya Payne, a supporter. “This is what’s right to do, and if this means that we have to go out and have a court battle, then that’s fine … We have plenty of dead bodies coming up in our streets every single day, and that is unacceptable.”

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November 21, 2008

Eric Holder, Barack Obama’s appointee as Attorney General, has a record of anti-gun advocacy and seeking restrictions on internet free speech.

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November 7, 2008

Wow.  Who could have seen this coming? Certainly not those mesmerized by empty promises and slogans or those apathetic because the opposition was not the perfect combination of all things conservative. (H/T: Snowflakes)

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October 31, 2008

I don’t know how much clearer it needs to be for gun owners and non-gun owners who respect and revere the Constitution and the freedoms described therein, but Barack Obama is a flat-out gun grabbing absolutist and his election would be a giant step toward destroying your constitutional rights.  There is no question or doubt about this. Obama knows it, and he has done everything he can to obscure it by intimidating any media outlet that dares to air the truth.

I have written on this issue many times over the campaign, but maybe not enough times.  This is the reason why activists like Sebastian rightly and successfully pushed for the ouster of rifle company president and Obama donor Dan Cooper after his support of Obama came to light.

Obama is not just anti-gun; he is an anti-gun zealot.  Despite his attempt to paper over the writing on the wall surrounding this issue, there is no doubt that Second Amendment rights would be severely diminished under an Obama administration.  Obama’s goal is to have no law-abiding way to exercise your right to keep and bear arms.

Obama has made a lot of promises he has no way to keep if elected, but having huge majorities in both houses of Congress for at least two years provides ample time to seed the federal benches with anti-gun absolutist judges in his own image, tainting the judicial pool for higher benches and tilting the balance of the courts for years to come.

All of this became even more evident yesterday, when audio from a 2004 Obama interview with Chicago Public Radio surfaced.  Obama says in no uncertain terms that he supports a federal ban on Concealed Carry (CCW).

The audio below is culled from an interview that can be found here (find September 13, audio link to “Campaign Notebook, Obama on guns and crime”).

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October 22, 2008

The NRA has unleashed a new ad highlighting Barack Obama’s votes denying Illinois residents their Constitutional right to to defend themselves with a handgun when convicted felons break into their homes.

ABC gives the background.

The ad refers to a 2003 incident when a Wilmette, Ill., restaurateur named Hale DeMar shot and wounded a burglar who broke into his house. DeMar was prosecuted by the town of Wilmette, which had, at the time, a ban on the possession of handguns, so some Illinois lawmakers introduced legislation to offer legal protections to individuals who use firearms in self-defense. The bill passed the Illinois state House by a vote of 86-25, and the Illinois state Senate — where Obama voted against it — by a vote of 39-20.

The 2008 version of Barack Obama says he believes the Constitution protects the rights of individuals to own handguns, but the real Barack Obama voted against legal protections for citizens who use handguns for their intended purpose – four times.

Yes, that’s the same Barack Obama who opposes mandatory minimum sentences for violent felons.  Police catch a felon, courts convict him, Barack protects him.  Felon gets released, felon breaks into your house, you shoot felon, Barack protects him.

Video below.

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October 13, 2008

Gun Grabbers For Obama / Biden

A group that actively advocates ignoring the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States has endorsed the Obama / Biden ticket.  There is no word as to which other portions of the Constitution the group advocates repealing.

The endorsement is not surprising, considering Obama has supported a total ban on all handguns and the banning the sale or transfer of all semi-automatic firearms.

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September 26, 2008

Obama Strong Arming Stations Over NRA Ad

Uh, oh.  Looks like those television stations need a little organizin’, and I know just the community organizer to do it.  Wiping with the First Amendment trying to assure you’ll get the chance to wipe with the Second Amendment: That’s change we can believe in.

On the heels of threatening the tax-exempt status of a group against Iran getting nukes and shutting down the phone lines and email boxes of radio stations who dare to air information about Obama unapproved by his campaign, Barack Obama has returned to his old standby method of suppressing opposing viewpoints: Threatening the licenses of television stations that air commercials critical of the self-appointed Obamessiah.

This time he’s using the method against ads being run by the National Rifle Association that point out his horrible record on Second Amendment rights.  I’m sure the request of a criminal investigation by the DOJ isn’t far behind.

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September 12, 2008

In an apparent attempt to obscure the strict anti-rights stand he has taken during his accidental first term in Congress, Pennsylvania’s Congressman Patrick “Li’l Pat” Murphy has begun playing both sides of the Second Amendment as the November election nears.

Murphy’s puppeteer benefactors in the radical anti-Second Amendement crowd funneled $5,000 to Murphy during his 2006 campaign. Now they seem stunned that Nancy Pelosi’s Mini-Me is suddenly interested in actually representing the will of his district.  Don’t worry liberty grabbers, Murphy’s just saying what he has to say if he wants to have any small chance of duping us into re-electing him.

U.S. Rep. Patrick Murphy, whose Bucks County district includes a sliver of Northeast Philadelphia, is taking flak from gun-control groups for his support of a bill loosening gun regulations in the District of Columbia.


Bryan Miller, executive director of Ceasefire NJ, expresses outrage. “As I understand it, Murphy is joined at the hip to [U.S. Rep.] John Murtha, and Murtha is a tied-at-the-hip NRA [National Rifle Association] guy,” Miller said. “I don’t see any other reason why a suburban Philadelphia Democrat, with Philadelphia going through the horrible throes of gun violence, would sign onto a bill making the availability of guns so much greater in D.C. I think, frankly, [Murphy] should be ashamed of himself.”

Snowflakes in Hell picks apart the argument deftly and exposes Murphy’s weak, newly adopted election year obfuscation of his gun position.

So by Bryan’s logic, since [Murphy] hangs around Murtha a lot, surely he must be pro-gun right? That’s not entirely true. He is a supporter of Congresswoman McCarthy’s ban on most semi-automatic firearms, and never signed on to a Congressional Amicus brief to end the ban. It’s hardly surprising that Congressman Murphy, close to an election, is signing onto pro-gun bills in an effort to placate Bucks County’s numerous gun owners, hunters, and shooters. If this represents a turnaround on behalf of the Congressman, I welcome that, but until he takes his name off McCarthy’s bill, forgive me if I suggest Bryan Miller has no clue what he’s talking about when he tries to paint Patrick Murphy as too pro-gun.

Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised if this Murphy-Miller animus was a phony controversy concocted by the Murphy campaign to boost his gun bona fides in the eyes of voters during the election season.

September 6, 2008

Barack Obama is such a well-known gun confiscator and opponent of gun rights that he was forced into a corner on the subject at a gathering of hand-picked supporters in Duryea, Pennsylvania.  His answer to the question of whether he planned to push for a gun ban will be of little comfort to the millions of Pennsylvanians who value their 2nd Amendment rights.

“If you’ve got a gun in your house, I’m not taking it,’’ Obama said. But the Illinois senator could still see skeptics in the crowd, particularly on the faces of several men at the back of the room.

So he tried again. “Even if I want to take them away, I don’t have the votes in Congress,’’ he said. “This can’t be the reason not to vote for me. Can everyone hear me in the back? I see a couple of sportsmen back there. I’m not going to take away your guns.’’

If these are the defenses he’s able to offer at a gathering of supporters, it’s little wonder he’s afraid to take on John McCain in the series of town hall debates McCain has requested time and again.