My name is Steven, and I am a proud conservative situated in a purple county in a blue state.

It’s time to focus on the actions that need to be taken to allow conservative candidates to start winning local, state and national election and save our country from the wild spending spree our statist Congress and President are on.

This is going to be a fast-paced hard hitting site where no holds are barred and nothing is off limits.  If a topic needs to be called bullshit, it will be called bullshit.  No stars.

All are welcome to visit or comment.  Hateful, threatening or obscene comments (as well as spam) will be deleted.

We want liberals here.  We are not afraid of healthy debate.

I write for no one but myself and in my own interest. I am not affiliated with any campaign or candidate.  I am only loosely connected to a political party (registered Republican with no position or standing in the party). I am, however, closely affiliated with my own conservative roots and values.